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What Ellie's students are saying...

"From the first lesson, my experience with Ellie was absolutely transformative!
Freeing up my singing self frees up many other parts of me as well. I am thrilled with the work!"

- Joan Piasecki, adult voice student

"I was hesitant in taking piano lessons, as I thought it would take too long to see (hear) results.
Ellie's chord-reading teaching method, however, proved me wrong. Within seven months, I was singing and playing confidently
in church and social gatherings. My husband and friends are in disbelief that it still hasn't been a year since I began lessons."

- Olivia Pierce, adult piano student

"My daughter, Alexzandria, has always loved to sing, but never had the confidence to allow her voice to be heard.
She wanted lessons so badly, she searched herself for a singing teacher, and found Ellie Seligmann.
Over the last year with Ellie, I have seen Alex's self confidence rise and her voice become stronger and more beautiful.
She sings in front of others, loves to perform, and is pursuing a career choice in singing and theatre.
Ellie is a wonderful teacher and role model, and we are very lucky to have found her."
- Laurie Rust, proud parent

My daughter has been a student of Ellie Seligmann for over 5 years. Now a Junior at Cherry Creek she has, over the
past 5 years, been selected as lead in several musicals, and performed in choirs both as member and soloist. I attribute her success
in large part to the diligent instruction provided by Mrs. Seligmann. Not only has my daughter learned to sing but also
to read and understand music. I recommend Ellie to anyone who loves to sing; give her studio a try, she is gracious
and caring for her pupils while providing an environment that fosters advancement for the very serious student.
- R. M. Batenburg, Jr., proud parent